Spirit Booster by Gandy Ink

Great products? Cool app? Easy process? Yes, yes, and yes.

Great products? Cool app? Easy process? Yes, yes, and yes.

Great products? Cool app? Easy process? Yes, yes, and yes.


Set up.

Sign up and we’ll send you a welcome kit. Then, choose and customize up to 20 items, and, we’ll walk you through the entire campaign setup over the phone. Startup costs? Zero.


Students have the option of selling directly through the Spirit Booster app or your customized online store. Customers can place and pay for their secure orders online. And, students earn rewards for hitting sales goals!


When your sale ends we print, sort and ship your products, earned rewards and profits to you. Everything arrives within about two weeks. The more you sell, the more you earn!
Spiritbooster App

App-based selling.

Everything you need to sell is in our super-intuitive app. Your store-in-the-cloud, sales dashboard, order status and funds tracking are all here. Sponsors get admin privileges.

Sign up now!

Sign up for Spirit Booster and we’ll hook you up with your very own customized spirit gear — custom printed shirts, hats, hoodies, and more — and your own online store.
Sign-up here anytime:
Start Your Fundraiser
Call to start your fundraiser M-F, 8:30am-5pm

Still Curious?

  • What makes you different from "the other guys"?

    If you’ve tried other fundraising companies, you already know the frustrations. Spirit Booster has studied and corrected them.

    • Our digital platform means no forms to keep up with, no money in hands, one-click social selling and students managing their own rewards!
    • Our inventory is hand-picked for quality and monitored to ensure we ship your orders within 10 business days!
    • We do the heavy lifting. We sort, individually package and label everything for you. No more late nights sorting shirt orders!
    • Seriously, we’re here to help you — just a phone call or email away when you need us!
  • Can I choose what to sell?

    Yes, please! We can show you what generally sells, but you know what you want. Customize your 20-item online catalog to your liking. To start, we’ll share our most popular items and designs. Please, let us know if you prefer different items, designs, or colors.

  • How long do sales run?

    We recommend two weeks, but it’s completely up to you! After your fundraiser closes, we ship your products within 10 business days. 

  • How much does it cost?

    Zero. Spirit Booster sales have no start-up costs! And, with direct online payment tracking and processing, the only money you need to worry about is the check we send you.

  • Do you have paper forms?

    No. All orders are placed either in your online store or within your Spirit Booster app. This means no paper forms to manage! However, we can send you paper flyers (for FREE) to help advertise your sale and direct buyers to your online store.

  • Do I get free stuff?

    Yes! For each item your group sells, we will give you one Booster Buck to spend toward merchandise. Sell 200 items? Get $200 in Booster Bucks. You deserve it!

  • How many items are in my sale?

    Twenty items — enough selection for everyone to find something they love. And, there are no item minimums to worry about. Choose what 20 items you want to sell, with no upfront costs or commitments!

  • Does setup take long?

    Not at all. Once you are happy with the items and designs, we’ll confirm some details about your sale, and will have your fundraiser up and running within 24 hours!

  • What's the profit?

    Our profit scale is based on the number of items your group sells — the more items sold, the higher your profit margin.

  • Okay, I'm interested. Now what?

    Great! Let’s get started. Sign up here and we’ll send you out a starter template to get things rolling. We’re excited to get to know you and help you exceed your fundraising goals!